About Us

We are an upscale electronic cigarette company dedicated to meet your vaping needs, whether you are looking to quit traditional cigarettes or just vape as a hobby.

We pride ourselves on offering top of the line e-liquids and a variety of high quality electronic cigarette devices, while still maintaining competitive prices.

Our line of e-liquids offers a variety of delicious flavors that will not disappoint you and are of the highest quality.

Why waste your time with low quality companies? The market is saturated with low-end and cheaply made electronic cigarettes and e-juices that just don’t deliver and are probably made in someone’s bathtub.

Our goal is to provide you with the best customer service and also provide you a delicious, enjoyable, and out of this world vaping experience.

So what do you say? Take the dive into our vaping world and you won’t regret it, so get vaping with FROG VAPOR!